A Community Development Initiative

Since 1997

Executive Summary 2024

About us

NACODEV is a Christian based and community development Local NGO whose main concern is food security, education, health, water and sanitation, pastoral empowerment and youth development in semi-arid lands of current Yatta, Masinga, Mwala and Kathiani sub Counties Machakos county) and Makueni County.

It reaches out to the needy households to improve their lives and help them set themselves on the path towards healthy development. NACODEV is therefore dedicated to the long-term holistic development of communities living in poverty around semi-arid lands.

NACODEV was founded in 2004 in Ngangani, Yatta district, Kenya and is registered as a non governmental organization. It is an evolution of development efforts dating back to 1997 by the local community, struggling to improve their lives. It is affiliated to a local church, Ngangani Redeemed Gospel Church and currently works with over 94 community groups..

NACODEV is therefore a response to the fact that the community living in its area of operation continues to face many social and economic challenges that make life very hard. Due to semi arid nature and persistent drought in the area thousands of households have been subjected to perennial lack of water, food and rising cases of HIV and AIDS and its adverse effects.

To address these problems NACODEV has come up with strategic plan 2019-2023 packaged under different major programs. The strategic plan, is designed to enhance capacity to implement and manage the planned programme activities to achieve the stated Mission and Vision.

The purpose of NACODEV is to mobilize and empower the communities to meet their foremost needs in accordance to Christian values as stated in the Holy Bible.


NACODEV envisages socio-economically and spiritually empowered community with full access to opportunities


NACODEV seeks to enhance food security, health and educational standards of communities living in arid and semi arid lands (ASALS) through provision and facilitation for self sustainability 

Core Values

1. Holy Trinity
NACODEV is a Christian organization which believes in the God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and in furtherance of his kingdom accordance to the Holy Bible
2. Quality
Committed to quality in service and programmes
3. Equity
NACODEV stands for fairness, justice and equity of all
4. Professionalism
NACODEV embraces professionalism in delivery of services and implementation of programmes
5. Creativity
NACODEV thrives on creativity which is a virtue that guides the initiation of new programmes and scaling up the existing ones
6. Transparency
NACODEV upholds accountability and Honesty in executing its programme activities

What we do

Our strategic plan, is designed to enhance capacity to implement and manage the planned programme activities to achieve the stated mission and vision.

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